What to expect

We promise we don't care what you look like. We promise you don't have to have life or faith all figured out before joining us. 

- - - - -

Really, tattoos, suit and tie, galactic leggings - just come as you are

On Sunday, walk right on through the main doors of the Downtown West Regal Cinema. Plenty of people will be ready and willing  to answer any questions or point you in the right direction. You can even grab a free gift on your first time; or lay low for a few weeks and scope things out before diving in. 

We get it. No worries.

From there, feel free to pour a cup of coffee before heading into the first theater on your left for worship! (Don't worry - we make sure it's clearly marked.)

Sometimes we keep our music low key; sometimes we like to rock 'n' roll. Either way, we promise to deliver a message from the Bible, riddled with the grace and love Jesus pours out on us.

If you have any questions at all, you can text those in during the service and someone will always take time to address them at the end.

Have kiddos? Feel free to bring them to Kids' Point! Kids' Point is a fun environment for kids ages 0-10 to experience the love of Jesus at their level. All of our volunteers are background checked, providing a safe space for your little ones to learn and grow.
You can rest easy as you check your kids in before going into the theater for church. When you walk through the front doors, the check-in station is straight ahead. (Kiddos have a theater all to themselves during Kids' Point!) 

Little ones 0-4 can stay in Kids Point the whole time. Kids ages 5-10 will go into the theater with you to give y'all a chance to worship together and then they'll get released to Kids' Point right before the message.

If you'd like to get a taste of The Point before ever stepping through the doors, download thepointknox app for free here or check us out on social media.